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About Josie's

At Josie’s, I believe that joy can be found in everyday moments. Small things done with great care can be transformative. I wanted to offer those looking to avoid gluten for health or intolerance reasons an equally amazing alternative to the pleasures of traditional baked goods. After experimenting for years, I tasted how good gluten-free baking can be when it’s done right. I noticed a niche in the market as it seemed fresh, delicious, gluten-free baked goods were hard to come by. And so, I launched my small business with a focus on quality and sustainably-produced ingredients. I use pasture-raised eggs, organic butter, and organic flours as much as possible. Now, Josie’s Bake Shop can also accommodate dairy free, as needed, to spread joy to even more people.

At Josie's, I take special care to create two types of baked goods. My "everyday treats" feature a proprietary, gluten-free flour blend of oat, buckwheat, and brown rice flours. They give the treats a hearty, nutty flavor, and compared to products baked with refined starches, add significant fiber and nutrients. Additionally, I often incorporate other nutritionally-rich ingredients to these treats such as almond flour, walnuts, and flax meal. However, there is a time and a place, when indulgence, not nutrition is the primary concern. My "celebration treats" - cakes, cupcakes, tarts, and more - use a gluten-free flour blend that mimics the properties of wheat flour. Consequently, the flavor AND texture of the end product is in line with those well-loved, nostalgic memories of birthdays, dates, and anniversaries past.


Josie’s is named after my maternal grandmother, an industrious homemaker with a can-do spirit. I hope that that attitude is apparent in the quality of my baked goods and ability to accommodate various dietary restrictions. I want everyone to partake in the joy of moments - big and small - celebrated with a love-filled, scratch-baked treat.

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